Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What's in a name?

I am very fortunate to have a great sewing area in my home. It's amazing what a dedicated space can do for your productivity. Before this, with little kids in the house, I spent more time taking out and putting away projects than actually working on them. 

My sewing room triples as an office and guest room. My husband made all of the custom furniture and built out the closet for my fabric stash. I use the guest bed as a design wall and I love my Janome Horizon. I keep small scraps in mason jars next to my cutting area while larger scraps go in the color bins on top of my work desk area. 

Outside the window my view is of our yard where I can watch my kids play and see our crabapple tree. My husband came up with the name "Crabapple Quilts" because of this tree. We've even made crabapple jelly! Really I think he suggested it because I can be crabby if I go too long without a creative outlet.  ;)

Since the picture above (take about 2.5 years ago), there have been a few upgrades. I now have clear containers in the closet perfectly organizing fabric and preventing it from falling over (another custom make from my hubby). And I have walls that make me smile with beautiful handmade pieces. I have walls filled with original artwork from dear friends.

Including those fabulous pillows and a great display of mini quilts and hoop art (received in various swaps).

I love this space!

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